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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Studio ~ Office

I am grateful to have a room available in our home to use as a studio and office. I like to accumulate things around me that inspire creativity and if nothing else I am good at accumulating! I thought I would share some photos I have taken at different times of things in this room, I have made them black & white to make them more comfortable to look at... this is a very busy room.
I installed an entire wall of shelves many years ago. I keep a lot of small collections of like items that I use in a mixture of different jars that I have collected at thrift stores and tag sales.
I think I have around 55 jars of different things and I still need more jars... should I admit that?
Old file boxes are also something I look for to organize and store paper collections in. I have a wonderful collection of vintage papers and photos.
I like to find unusual things to use in here, like the spinning hardware holder that sits on my drafting table. It holds little things like charms and little parts to everything, I can spin and find what ever I need.
Of course I have an inspiration board, it needs to be refreshed at the moment, but I still enjoy looking at it. It says a little bit about what is important to me and what I like.
I collect fives... and here are a few of them.
I like watches and clocks and things with numbers.

I have a great piece that I enjoy having in this room. It is a mail sorter from the post office. I use it to stick all my favorite things in for future creating. The first picture shows it when I first got it, the second picture shows it now. You can see I put it to good use!

I showed you about half of the room, I started thinking I better not reveal to much or my friends might call that "Hoarders" show or something. Thanks for dropping in, I have linked up this post with "Feather your Nest Fridays" over at "French Country Cottage" be sure to visit Courtney and all her linkers. ~ Jacque


  1. Jacque ~
    Your studio is awesome!! I love it!

  2. Collector - yes, hoarder - no. Rich with creativity and inspiration.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your studio!!! Oh, I'd be in HEAVEN there!!


  4. You can't create from an empty wagon...and yours is loaded to the rims!
    I worked at the P.O. for years and I can't see a mail sorter without getting the shivers! LOL
    I think the way you're using yours is so much better.

  5. I love how you surround yourself with inspiration!
    I collect similar things although I'm not as hands on as you are! I hope you can come to our Grand Opening later this month! I'll let you know the date. You're going to love the name, at least you'll relate to it :)
    Did you get your 5's from Ramsign yet?
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Hi Terri, can't wait to hear the name and see your new place, we will try to make the trip, sounds fun! The Ramsign company contacted me and I sent them the info they requested but nothing yet. When I get it I will show it off on my blog!

  7. Hi Jacque! It was so very nice to meet you today at the show! I really enjoyed talking with you! Your studio is great. I love that mail sorter - how much fun is that?? Ooh la la! Have a wonderful day. :-)