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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharing With New Friends

Recently at the Romantic Prairie Style book signing I was introduce to a fellow blogger and admirer of beautiful things. She sweetly invited me to join in her weekly link "Feathered Nest Fridays". It looks like a fun group of fellow bloggers and I had recently taken some photos around the house so why not! French Country Cottage by Courtney is the place to go to find all those great links!
I rarely have time to spend on decorating in my home, things just sort of find a place. I have accumulated several of the Swedish enamel pieces over the years and have them throughout my home. I recently picked up bunches of fresh beautiful local Lavender and some of them landed in one of my favorite pitchers. They smell wonderful and I always like to have fresh flowers around the house. I rarely pick from my own garden, farmers markets are great place to get reasonable bunches so it is affordable to have that luxury every week.
These things have found their current place on a little table in the back room of my house, my husband referred to it as the "stock room" the other day, hmmm, I guess the business has taken over the house a little bit... Oh well that lets me enjoy it before it gets loved by someone else! The little metal crown is the metal art of my friend Nancy, I love having fellow artist work around our home.
These great old door plates have accumulated over time, somehow they are symbolic to me for all the wonderful, beautiful doors that have opened in my life... I know a little sappy, but that's me sometimes.
I don't know where all these cherubs and angels came from, they just seemed to of accumulated around the house. Our home is pretty rustic so I think they add a little sweetness. Most have broken wings and repaired parts... they fit right in!
I collect bird nest and vintage things bird related. We have a wonderful old cabinet in the "stock room" Ha! that contains my collection of vintage bird and garden items, it is one of my favorite places.
Most of our home is ocean beach related, we love the sea and enjoy having things around us that take us there while we live. I will show you more of that at a later time. Thanks for coming along and seeing some little parts of how we Feather our Nest. Have a great week ~ Jacque


  1. Gorgeous Jacque!! Your vignettes are so pretty! I love the statue with that charming crown :) and of course the door plates are just perfect~ So glad you came over and joined the party this week!! Sharing this on Facebook~ thanks for sharing at my party! :) Hugs, Courtney


  3. Love the fresh Lavender bunches in the enamelware pitcher!

  4. I love these images... Do you have some of the photos you took at our place? I'd love to see some.