Welcome to Old Soul Studios, We love vintage and aged items that portray a silent story about them. We create new items from salvaged items and create new stories, kind of like the makings of "An Old Soul". We love the art of making something out of nothing, making something old into something new!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Little Cottage Inside Summer Cottage Antiques

We joined the team at Summer Cottage Antiques a little under a year ago and have had a wonderful time being part of such a beautiful and fun antique store. Having owned my own store for many years I never really considered having a space and doing business in that way. I've always kind of liked being off on my own, my own little corner of the world. I told Michelle, owner of Summer Cottage that if the little room upstairs, formerly known as the closet ever came open I may be interested. I believe I manifested it because shortly I received a call telling me the good news and Michelle offered us the space. First thing was to change the image that it was a closet,  because nobody puts Old Soul Studios in the closet Ha! We decided it was "the little cottage" and have been trying to convince everyone since. We started by painting and then covering one wall with our trademark look of old weathered and rusty barn tin.
weathered, rusty tin wall is under all that stuff

"the little cottage" has a nice old window so the sunlight comes pouring in. You can hear pigeons cooing outside the window most of the time
As you know we create a lot of iron art so of course we include that in our space, but I love vintage and salvaged items and have been in the business of selling them for 26 years so that is also a big part of the inventory we place in our little cottage. I love mixing hard and soft and mostly have a monochromatic look of whites, grays and rust.

Our small orbs cover the ceiling, I like using every bit of space to display. There is nothing sparse or simplified about our look.
It is fun being in the little cottage especially when people discover who we are, it makes it easy for them to remember us, we are grateful to have so many loyal customers and fans of our space. Being in Summer Cottage Antiques has been a very positive experience for us. We live about two hours away from the store so keeping the space tidy can be a challenge, we stock it full with new things about every two weeks and that seems to keep our customers very happy.

We always look forward to our trips over to stock our little cottage, we enjoy shopping around the store and Petaluma is a wonderful community. We especially appreciate how dog friendly the community is and Summer Cottage is very dog friendly as well. We travel with our little mascot dog Scout and he loves to come help in the little cottage too!
photograph by Michelle McCauley of James, Jacque and Scout in "the little cottage" at Summer Cottage Antiques
Summer Cottage Antiques is located at 153 Kentucky Street in Petaluma California. You can read more about the store on their blog here Summer Cottage Antiques


  1. I love your space! I fits you and James perfectly. Can't wait to see it in person (and the rest of Michelle's store too) some day soon!

  2. I love your look. Chaotic respite...is that an oxymoron? Not to us that love the color gray and the sound of metal.

  3. Very cute photo of the two of you. The "little cottage" looks great - very inviting.

  4. Looks like I need to take a little day trip over to Petaluma! Your little cottage is looking so great, and that little Scout is a cutie!

  5. Good Morning Jacque!
    I'm thrilled to let you know that you won the Graphic Giveaway on my blog La Dolfina!
    Yeah for you :)
    I'm so sorry I missed out on Fifi's book signing.
    Things got crazy in my world and I couldn't make it.
    I'd love to get together with you and Sandy one day soon though. I owe her a phone call!
    I'm sure we all have lots to talk about!
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Why, oh, why... can't I just click my heels and appear at your little cottage ! I need to be there... I need that stuff !!! I truly enjoy your blog, and love your style. Keep doing what you're doing . It is awesome !
    p.s. what is the best way for me to get my hands on a couple of your spoon tags ? Love them !

  7. stopped by to say hi...love your space... love the orbs.. great looking couple too! xo Laura