Welcome to Old Soul Studios, We love vintage and aged items that portray a silent story about them. We create new items from salvaged items and create new stories, kind of like the makings of "An Old Soul". We love the art of making something out of nothing, making something old into something new!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surfacing for Air...

I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in the case of blogging I think people just forget about you! I have decided to surface for air and post a little something so you don't forget about me... With four wonderful shows in our near future we are busier then ever. We are creating, hunting, planning and prepping to make sure to bring our customers the best of what we do. I am so excited to debut some of our newest creations and the flea market gods have been very kind to us this summer and we have accumulated a large amount of wonderful vintage treasures to share at these shows.
I haven't taken the time to snap many pictures but today when we returned from our hunting adventure I grabbed the camera and captured a few of the things we had found. The old books above are a set of sixteen. The patina of the leather is just beautiful. They are in German so I am not entirely sure what they are but who cares when they really are so beautiful.
Several beakers in different shapes and styles are going to be fun to display with some Halloween spookies, every year I do a little mad scientist display and it is always a hit at the shows.
Not a great picture but a really great box! It is labeled from a chick hatchery and will make a great farm house decor piece. It is divided in the middle and in very clean condition. I love finding interesting boxes and crates to work with.
A bundle of aqua bottles look so pretty together. I am never sure how much I should clean them, this time I just removed the surface dirt and left the patina of time.
As I clean and sort through our treasures they accumulate on our farm table. Iron stone, little German books, sparkly fun jewels, little pie tins and silver trim are just a few of the smalls we found today.
A few things after they were unloaded from the truck... now the fun begins as we work our magic to get all of the things we have accumulated all summer long along with all our new creations ready to take to market. Our first show is Sept. 17th The Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show in Roseville Ca this show is presented by The Olive and Rose. For more show details visit TheOliveAndRose.blogspot.com Check back for details about all our Fall shows, they are all must not miss events!


  1. I haven't forgotten you :)
    Beautiful books, "smalls", and bottles...

  2. Ohhhh, I am so GLAD your first show is Mes Amis!!! I will be there with my squeeky cart!!!!!


  3. Those are wonderful treasures!! Have a great show!

  4. What a great collection of stuff. The round metal (?) in the lower left corner of the last picture grabbed my attention. I'm so bummed about missing the show on the 17th.