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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oregon Beach House Update

We spent a week in Oregon painting and continuing to work on the beach house. Oregon can be pretty wet so we were very grateful for some nice dry weather to get a few outside things completed. The house which was built in 1908 has been neglected for a few years and really needs our loving care. James and I are doing all the work ourselves (so far) and it is a lot of hard work. We are both pretty skilled in many areas, but we are also learning as we go. This is a big house and we are making it bigger for some reason Ha! Anyway that is a lot of painting! We have chosen to brush paint it for that way we can be very hands on and fully aware of the details and needs of it as we go.
We are replacing all the windows, adding and taking out walls, restoring the original wood floors, moving the kitchen and bathes to other places and over all redoing the entire house while still trying to restore or maintain its history. By the way I do not like climbing on ladders, by the time the house is painted I will probably have no fear(s) Ha!
James is pretty good at knowing what we need to do to weatherize the house, I think he went through a case of caulking already. We can't see the ocean from the house but we sure can hear it, WoW! this is such a dream come true...
Yes that is me and by the end of the week my coveralls were the same color as the house. The house looks really good now, it is amazing what a little paint and finishing touches can do. It is a very high two story so we haven't painted the top yet... need a bigger ladder... and no I won't be climbing it!


  1. It's looking GOOD! I so can't wait to see the interior!

  2. Looking good. Is the new color a dark gray? The windows are looking good too.

  3. The color is called "Antique Silver" It is really pretty, it reflects the trees and other colors. The house is going to have 3 different colors on it. We have not done any trim yet because the windows are being replaced and we are going to build up some pretty elaborate molding around the windows and other areas. Thanks ladies!

  4. Oh what part of Oregon? I too am buying a beach home in Lincoln City, Oregon.Though we are buying more of a newer home.I would love an older home myself.I will watch for other photos.~Cheers Kim