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Friday, March 4, 2011

She is Magical

If you hold the shell up to your ear you can hear the roar of the ocean...

She is magical... she belongs near the ocean... I can tell she yurns to be back by the sea.
She is old and has the patina of age that only time can produce...

Her scars of time add to her beauty, her face shows peace and a passion for the sea...
She is very unique, in that she has two tails, each leg tucked under her becomes a tail. Her details are unlike any I have ever seen.
My wonderful James has given her to me for our first Wedding Anniversary. She will be taken to our new house by the sea... she says she can hardly wait~


  1. Oh your sweet James is just too much. What a perfect, perfect gift for you. He is setting the standard really high for himself!! Happy Anniversary to you both. lt

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Love this! Happy Anniversary to you both! Kim

  3. She is wonderful! What a memory for your anniversary! karen....

  4. Hello Jacque
    I have been reading your blog and loving it! I
    love the ocean too and someday hope to live there. I was so surprised to see you grew up only minutes from me! So nice to meet another kindred spirit in this land of blog Denise

  5. Happy Anniversary you two! March is a special month for us as well. P.S. The new "lady" is beautiful. She will be perfect for your "seaside" home. Terry

  6. Love the mermaid! I wanted to ask if you make spoon rings..let us know, Thanks!