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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's in the mail!

I love this! I took this picture along the California Coast on one of our many adventures. I still love getting mail, even in this day of mostly electronic communication it is such a joy to receive a hand written card or letter in the mail. We have to ask ourselves as we gain in technology are we losing the personal touches of true communication? How many of you still pen out a letter or note to family or friends? I would love to see a come back in the art of letter writing. I received a beautiful hand made hand written Valentine in the mail this past week from a friend and it made my day!


  1. Good to hear from you. Love that tiny mailbox. Maybe once or twice a year I write a real note card these days.

  2. I was just in California around Cambria and it was
    glorious! I miss it already !!
    I am really bad about actually writing letters or notes
    by hand and was even before the internet ~
    I do love it though !!


  3. I agree - I love getting hand written cards and treasure all the letters I received from my grandfather growing up. I am happy I did not live in the age of email in high school and college actually. I have a chest full of "great stuff" from friends and family all hand written :)