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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Left Behind

Yesterday the job of removing every last piece of James's belongings from the house he sold was completed. I walked around the entire place, checking to make sure there was nothing forgotten and left behind. I had never seen this cute work of art he and his daughter (who was nine at the time) had created. It was located in a small slab of concrete at the back of the house. I would have liked to dig it up and take it with us and then I thought about how we each leave a little bit of ourselves every where we go. We can move from place to place as life takes us on our journey but somehow I believe we leave a little imprint from our spirit every where we have been .... and sometimes it is in concrete. 


  1. After my parents died, and Katie and her husband bought their house, there was a piece of cement in the backyard with all three of my kids names and handprints in them. When Katie and her husband re-did the backyard, they saved that piece of cement. Something about putting in concrete, you know?

  2. We've been in our house 23 yrs & inherited a slab of concrete with the prior family's little kid's hand prints. We had it until last mo. when the new deck went in. We salvaged a piece & added it to the stone path. I have kept little toys from these kids that surfaced in the yard. These "kids" are about 30ish now. I don't know them, but I know they remember playing here and they are remembered here.