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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jurrasic Park!

Actually it was Patrick's Point State Park! We love the way the camp sites are so secluded, you feel like you are in the jungle. I have been going there since I was a child, I know all the trails and beaches like I know my own home. When I was young and with my family we would camp with a tent, now James and I have a motor home, both ways are fun, though I have to say I like the conveniences of the motor home, and you don't have to protect your camp from the raccoons and bears! Where do you like to camp? 


  1. I SO wish I was there!!

  2. Morro Bay right next to the beach. But we "camp" with an RV too. I agree w/ you, tents etc. use to work fine, but now I want a little more comfort.

  3. We love camping also! All I have to say is camping and my husband is already out the door-either RVing or tenting it. Our luvs are Morro Bay, Big Sur, and Santa Cruz.