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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm A Great Aunt!

My niece Nicole and nephew in-law Dustin just had a baby boy at 5:28 this morning! This new baby is very exciting for my family, we are a small family and it has been a long time since there were any babies.... His name is Ryder Andrew and mom and baby are doing great! I am anxiously waiting for pictures, but I understand the new grandma and grandpa are very busy and exhausted... you would have thought they had the baby, hee hee! Why are babies so much fun? Especially, for me, all I have to do is love him and play with him. I didn't have children so I just enjoyed my nieces and now I get to enjoy the next generation.... this is going to be fun! I am busy getting ready for a show right now, but next week I'll be at "Babies R Us" being the "great aunt" that I am... Can you tell I am smiling!


  1. Yay Congrats to the family(-: I love babies too! Mine are all grown up!

  2. Congratulations Jackie!! New babies are so special, there is nothing better. My sister never had kids and was so in love with my own kids. And then when she got to be a great Aunt, it was even better she said. I'm very happy for you and your family!!