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Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Nature Collections

Another nature collection I have is of vintage framed butterflies. I prefer to enjoy the ones fluttering by in the back yard, enjoying the fruits of all my flowers, but I like to honor these butterflies of the past and allow their beauty to still be admired. I have found several of these framed groupings over the years, I do not know much about the history but at one time they must have been a popular form of art. I picked up a new one this past weekend at a local flea market. I have also collected several vintage books on butterflies. Each year I have many different specimens come through my garden and even though I have all these books I have rarely took the time to look up their names. I just enjoy them! May you all have many butterflies cross your path~Jacque

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  1. Butterflies are so pretty whether they are flying around or mounted in a frame(-: Great collection!!!