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Friday, April 10, 2009

Passionate about Nature

I have always been passionate about nature. I grew up in the country with deer, jack rabbits, and really every other critter you can think of. My mother was nicknamed "Mother Nature" by friends and family because she was always and still is nursing something back to health. I have a room in my house that displays many of the collections I have that inspire my passion for nature. I call it my bird room because many of the things in there have to do with birds. I collect vintage art prints of birds, have a very nice collection of bird nest, the picture is of a cabinet that houses a few of my vintage binoculars and a couple of my vintage field books. These are the ones I really don't use, the others are in places where they can be grabbed as to not miss an opportunity to see a new visitor to the yard. I thank my parents for my exposure to nature as a young child and the teaching of respect for all living things. This is one of the things I like the best about myself.  I am no "Mother Nature" but I honor the love my own mother has for these gifts by continuing the path I was taught.~Jacque


  1. Jacque, what a lovely post and a wonderful collection. I love the way that you collect the things that inspire you. Surrounding ourselves with things that make us feel good is something that we should always do more of. To me, the best of those things are the ones that we find out in nature! Your Mom was right, and so are you.

    Happy day!


  2. I share your love of nature and discovery! (And ALL the tools that go with it!) What a wonderful post, thank you!

  3. I love your collection, with the vintage binoculars,the eggs in the ball jar, the books, it all looks great. I think that is my favorite part about collecting is grouping the stuff we love into little vingettes in our homes. "continuing on the path you were taught" is the greatest way to honor your mom! Great post, I hope you enjoy your Easter holiday! Take care,Sue

  4. I love bird nests too(-: Of course nature also. A friend of mine called me Ellie May. Not sure if that is good or bad...lol(-: