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Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Weekend!

What a great weekend! We had a lot of fun doing all the things we love. All day Saturday we hit garage sales, and went to the local flea market, I could not believe all the great stuff out there. Every turn I was finding great stuff! Sunday we went to the Sacramento Antique Faire, it was great! we were able to fill our two carts and then some and also had the pleasure of running into several friends, all ooohing and aaahing over our finds. We then went to James' sister's house for a family Easter dinner. It was lovely, good food, and I especially enjoyed watching the egg hunt. His niece Elizabeth Rose started the hunt with her basket on her head! So Cute! We had a great time visiting with family and enjoying a sunny beautiful day in the country. I hope you all had a great weekend, heres to enjoying Spring~Jacque


  1. Smart kid. That way she has two hands ready for picking up Easter eggs(-:
    I am glad you had a great day! I did too!

  2. I LOVE little kids that march to their own drummer!