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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back Porch Herbs

To step out onto the back porch and pick fresh herbs while I am cooking is one of the many good things in my life. There is something about herbs that feels nurturing to me. We all know the benefits of herbs are almost without limit. As well as providing delightful color and fragrance in our gardens, they offer a wealth of different flavors for cooking, and a variety of material for decorating our homes. I have a small vintage drying rack on my counter in the kitchen that always has herbs from the garden hanging on it. They are a great natural air freshener and just look pretty hanging there, just change them out often to keep it looking and smelling sweet. For centuries herbs have been used for their medicinal and therapeutic qualities. There are also a lot of ways to use them in natural beauty treatments and spirit lifting. Just brushing by the thyme or lavender can lift my spirits and invigorate me after working hard in the garden. Whether you have a large yard or a very small window box you can reap the benefits of growing herbs for your enjoyment and use! ~Jacque


  1. I just tried a new herb in my garden - Pineapple Mint - have you grown that? It smells so good! Jennifer

  2. I love your herb garden! I have fresh rosemary growing in my yard and I always feel so "Martha-ish" when I pick some to use. I would like to grow some more things. You have inspired me to try.