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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mother Nature Changed My Plans...

After scurrying around at sun rise this morning  bringing in all my yard furniture pillows and other items left out in the garden, I realized the slight chance of rain we ignored had  become a very much true chance of rain! It is coming down and I was not prepared. Usually I look at a Spring shower as a blessing, it cleans everything off gently and of course being a gardener we are always grateful for the water. Today is a busy day of getting ready for another show (details on my other blog)  and that can be a little difficult when it is raining! It is an outdoor show and most of our merchandise is outdoor worthy, it is the price tags that create an issue for us, tags get wet and the ink runs and well tagging is a lot of work so I really don't want them ruined. We have tried many different types of tags, like ones I have seen in nurseries etc... so far no luck, and of course aesthetics are important to me, this is a creative business... any suggestions feel free to share! The flowers? well those are flowers from our Earth Day celebration and they need to be planted, so while it is raining I will plant them, I have gardened in the Spring rain many times and this will keep me busy while we wait for the rain to pass so we can price and load up our stuff for the show. Have a beautiful day where ever you are and whatever the weather! ~Jacque


  1. It's cool to see you post every day. I've been doing that since New Year's Day. A promise I made to myself to "allow" me to write more, no matter how lame or cool or stupid, it makes me see my days as if stories are being told to me, and I shouldn't ignore them. Know what I mean? Hope you have great weather for your show. Take care, Sue

  2. I wonder if there are any shows like Tattered Cottage's in the Chico area?
    Love your heart rock collection. I started one about two years ago, though still small it has been great fun. The grands are all on the look out for granny's rocks. Their mothers are learning to check pockets before doing the wash.

  3. Well you managed to get all the rain. There was none left for us up north(-; I heard another chance of rain is coming next week though(-:
    I bet your flowers love it!!!(-: They looks so pretty and lush(-: