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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Today I am going to do it ALL! I don't know why I feel so ambitious, and the results are yet to be seen, but I have all kinds of things I am going to do today. First I am going to open all the windows in the house and trade out the air, I am going to strip the bed and put on some pretty flowered sheets. The outdoors should be calling me by then so I am going to slip out to the green house and sort through some plants that need a little TLC. Garage sales! I forgot there will be garage sales today! The weather has been good so I am sure people will be antsy to start their sales, maybe the bed and plants will have to wait a little while. Yesterday I bought 5 six packs of Violas to plant in some pretty containers, they should be planted today so they become stable enough to sell at my next show, I always like to make sure any of my plants have a strong start before sending them on their way. My truck still has bags in it of purchases I made at an estate sale last week, that will be a surprise to open, I know I got some great finds I just can't remember what they were! Well, if I spend my entire morning sharing my to - do -list with you I won't get it done, so to everyone have a great weekend, enJOY all that you have to do because the things we have to do are all because of the never ending abundance in our lives.~Jacque

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