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Monday, March 16, 2009

Rules, Retail and Rude...

I went out into the big scary world yesterday to do a little shopping, I don't do this very often. I tend to stick to my bread crumb path of only places that are comfortable to me, unless we are out of town and then I don't know any better so that is fun! I had a brief career of teaching elementary school and when driving in the big scary world it reminds me of when the children would be called to line up and there was always a few that would push, shove, tromp over and do anything they could to be at the front of the line, with no regards to anyone else! I see those children in their adult bodies still trying to do the same thing, I never understood that? As a teacher I was always trying, so after lining up I would choose a different end or part of the line to go, I can only hope I influenced some of those minds. Rules are for the good and safety of us all, right? Rules seem to keep us from being able to use our brains, logically make good decisions for each situation. I was frustrated when trying to purchase a can of paint. I try to buy what is called "Oops" paint when I can, not only to save money but to keep the paint from being tossed and wasted. I find a can in a pretty soft blue I could use, it is dated Oct 08 and is partially gone, dry paint is running down the can. I figure it is probably a few dollars...No they "Have To" it is a rule to charge you half the original price, no exceptions, this paint must have been laced with gold. The young man was funny he suggested I buy a new much larger can of a different paint because that would be cheaper. I walked away.. He was not allowed to think for himself and make a good decision I guarantee that paint will be thrown out. I spotted the cutest pair of shoes and unlike me really wanted to have them, I rarely shop for shoes unless I need them, I didn't need these, I noticed them because an employee was putting them out on display. I went to hunt for my size there were three pair two 6's and one 9. I asked where the others were, he informed me that is all they got in the order, What!???? O k I know the economy is bad and all but What???  So he tells me that their other stores may have got them in different sizes. I'm not going to tell the rest of the story, just so you know I don't have the shoes, the moral of this long story is for me to stay on my bread crumb path it seems to serve me well....Life is an adventure so here I go...~Jacque     
p.s. I am going to get those shoe somehow, I can't wait to show you how cute!


  1. I don't do crowds so I stay in my own safe place(-: People are so rude.
    I do work at an elementary school in the kitchen. I think your idea of the end of the line going first or middle etc is a good idea...that would really throw the kids for a loop(-: LOL Its a constant struggle to keep them from pushing and shoving. I guess those ones that shove to the front will be successful in life? Or criminals?(-:

  2. Oh! I love new shoes..they will probably be your favorites for years for what you had to do to get them! :)

  3. My first comment didn't work...so here I go again.
    Yes our boys do look like twins. We have had Jack Russell for 15 years!! Our first one is Daddy to Mack the white one in the photo. We had a litter 12 years ago. 6 sweet puppies.
    We also have a Jack named Scout, camera shy, but he is one the side bar. Jackson Brown(brown faced) is the ruler of our home!!!
    I read your past post and LOVE your collection of sea glass and glass floats. How AWESOME to be able to collect those treasures from the ocean!!!
    Thanks for visiting me and I will be back!!!
    Deb :)

  4. I cant wait to see you wearing your shoes after you picked them up from a garage or estate sale, for $1.00, all broken in and perfectly fitting!!!! You will be so excited!!! And it will be something you find on your breadcrumb trail, too!!!