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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sharing Ideas

In the process of looking for some great way to transport and display my little treasures that I sell I had to settle on these box picture frames. I purchase them inexpensively at our local craft store in the framing department. They were already lined with a textured background that I liked, but you could do just about anything for the background that you wanted to highlight your items. The lids close with a strong magnet and there is plenty of room to add a latch or even a lock if you needed. I have purchased them in three different sizes and colors. I especially like that they stake up nicely because they have a raised frame lip on the top of each. The finish is very durable (unfortunately) because those of you that know me, I like my things a little rough around the edges, I have not yet been able to successfully distress these to my liking. They are working out great and they are keeping all my little treasures in place until some adoring fan comes and snatches them up! If I ever find a wonderful vintage display I will certainly get it but for now this is working out pretty well... Just sharing ideas~Jacque

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