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Thursday, March 12, 2009


This picture, which you see on my profile, was taken March 12th 2008, it was the last day that Mollie and I spent on the beach together. Two days later she became ill and I nursed her 24-7 until I lost her on April 19th.  I was going to change the picture on my profile today when I realized the date today was the same day as the date this picture was taken. When I started blogging I chose this picture because it represented everything I am, for some reason I was feeling that had changed, yet when I look at this picture it still makes me smile, it still is who I am. Though I beach comb without her now, she is still always with me. I think for now I will keep this picture on my profile and that is the explanation of why it is important to me. 


  1. I can understand that. It is one of the hardest things to lose a pet we love.

  2. Oh please keep the picture. It is such a sweet story. We almost lost our doggies, both within months of each other, but they pulled through. They think they're our children and we do feel that way. Hope our real children don't mind being cut out of the will!

    The Texas Woman

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. I'm glad you have the wonderful photo to remember Mollie by.

    Thanks for the comment you left me. I'm glad you were transported back to another time and place for a bit.


  4. Oh Jackie~I love this! I'm glad to get to see the picture close up.
    There are no words for what I'm feeling right now. But I know you know!

  5. Hey. . .the beautiful words speak for themselves. Our "furry friends" are sometimes the ones that end up standing by you the longest. They full understand "unconditional" love! Take care, Sue

  6. Awww.....tears. I can truly understand your loss (go to my blog and search, IN memory of Tesla...my dog). Losing a pet is hard...it IS a family member. We greive. I still cry when I miss my Tesla, who passed 8 years ago. But you are right, they are with us in our hearts and spirits. My condolances for your loss.

  7. God gave us a good dog to show us what unconditional love really is...Dog are wonderful and your Molly was a beautiful dog. Enjoy all the wonderful memories of her. I like to see her picture too. So Sorry you lost her. Sandi