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Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Ol' Days

Today when James and I were out and about in the yard taking care of some things a neighbor from across the way came over, introduced himself and brought us a bear full of honey that they get from their own honey bees.  The jester was kind and reminded me of the Good Ol' Days when people were neighborly, and shared with each other.  James and I have been talking about the kind of town we want to choose to live in. A place where the grocery store may not have all the latest and greatest, but where people are polite, neighborly, and everybody knows your name. Everybody looks out for their friends and neighbors and everyone joins together when someone is in need. Yes there are still places like that and call me old fashion but my soul craves for that.  This little bear showed me that there is hope and it was a sign to me that our dream of "our world" being as sweet as honey is a real possibility!

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  1. Yes, Jacque, my soul craves it too. I think that is what we are being called to thru all that is going on. I think we all crave it, we just have layers & barriers burying that feeling. I think the present situation is going to force us to that place. Thank God! I look forward to hearing what you find. :)