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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Not a beautiful picture, but the truth... we are moving along nicely on our new house on the Oregon coast. There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of ideas to be put into action. We are journaling the process of turning this wonderful place into a home, not just any home a home where our creative spirits can grow and a home that speaks of our ideals. We are working very hard...
The gardens are wonderful, full and plush, and equipped with surprises but first you have to find them under the berry vines! The property was left unattended for some time and we are slowly finding the gardens underneath.
The wood deck that extends around two sides of the house was very slippery from all the rain and time. A little pressure washing and the wood looks beautiful again... I am bringing a couple garden motel chairs on our next visit, we need to sit and enjoy it every now and then.
We are replacing all the windows with these... the old original windows were already replaced at one time with poor quality ones, so they have to go. We are putting in some windows that open outward so we can hear the roar of the ocean. In some places we are putting windows where there was none and in other places taking windows out and covering the walls. We have not started doing any trim work yet, I love trim and molding and want to design something really great that makes all the windows look great.
This is right around the corner... and this is why we work so hard. The beaches are so beautiful, the trees are so beautiful and the house will be beautiful someday too. There is something very gratifying about taking on a project like this, we could have purchased a house that someone else did, but then it wouldn't have our spirit like this one will.


  1. Where in Oregon are you moving. When my kids were young, and I was still married we spent a lot of time on the Oregon coast. I remember spending a week in this little cottage in Yahat's, if I remember the name correctly. It was just beautiful! Loved your pixs and looking forward to seeing more.

    Take care, Sue

  2. It's so exciting to watch your progress. I hope you DON'T forget to sit on those seats and sip some tea while you contemplate the work you've done.....

  3. The beach is just gorgeous! Good luck with your project, it is definitely worth it!

  4. Wow, a house on the beautiful Oregon coast... what a dream come true!

    It was so great to meet you today. Your booth was definitely my favorite of the day! I even mentioned it on my blogpost today...


    Please feel free to stop by and visit sometime!


  5. And I know that none of what you took down goes to waste either, old windows, wood :)

    I look forward to see your home come to life!

    I see Jill stopped by today :) When I saw her today I told her she had to go!! I had planned on going back but didn't have time!


  6. Oh you guys are doing so much these days, but it is all creative. I love to see updates on the house. See you soon, lt

  7. Jacque, Thank you for sharing a part of your world with us. It's been inspiring to watch the Oregon house come to life. I can't wait to see the inside! Love you two! ~Erika~

  8. HA! Ashley, yea I have had some real glamorous moments during the whole process. I didn't show you all the pic of me giving James "the look" when I saw he had the camera out. We sure are having fun though! Thanks for dropping by everyone :)

  9. Wow, what a process and labor of love.
    So worth it in the end. My husband and I always say to each other, "the only way we would move is to be on or very near the beach. You are living our dream and I'm so excited to be a part of your journey!!

  10. I just had to tell you that I love all the wisdom on your sidebar! I believe and live every word of it. I can't wait to meet you in person!!!