Welcome to Old Soul Studios, We love vintage and aged items that portray a silent story about them. We create new items from salvaged items and create new stories, kind of like the makings of "An Old Soul". We love the art of making something out of nothing, making something old into something new!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who's the Queen?

We would like to tell you about our crowns, we always have a story about the way our creations came about and we would like to share some of those stories with you. James and I pride ourselves on trying to produce only original creations that we thought up ourselves and most of these ideas come from everyday life experiences and in this case a problem with one creation leads to an all new one! Now you all know we didn't invent the crown... they have been around for many many years, I think some butter company was the first Ha!, no seriously, we have seen crowns come into style over the past few years, showing up in many shapes and on many different things so of course we know people are wanting them.
This is a photograph of our crowns in Sweet Magnolia in Danville California, Jill & Clay Cox own this store and have done a wonderful job displaying the crowns.
James was busy one day early in the year making our very popular hearts for the Valentine's Day rush, a couple of the straps he bends to create the heart snapped in half breaking the heart in to two pieces, he threw them to the side, later noticing how they had fallen to shape the top of the crown, he then was inspired to continue breaking hearts (ha!). The hearts are big, the crowns are grand. I love the size, the grandness, never before have we seen a grand crown. Deciding what would go on the top was fun... we didn't want our new crown to look like any others we had seen so we searched for an item that would make them fun and unique... a big iron ball was perfect!
Each crown is hand made by James, we now have them in three sizes. They are fun for the garden or the table. We have had customers purchase them to create chandeliers, tea cup holders, or a garden topiary. I have one in the house on a little white stool and another sits on top of our fire pit in the back garden. We love creating things out of the unexpected and we are always looking for interesting materials to recycle into something new. Thank you for following along and I will soon tell you more stories about how some of our creations came to be. ~ Jacque


  1. Love "your" crowns! And I love your efforts to be original! In this biz, you see so many "borrowing" others creativity and claiming it as their own. They even do in in my store. You would "think" they would be embarrassed! Yours and James stuff always looks awesome and original!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. I love this story about the creation of the crowns. It was so good to see you yesterday, even if it was brief.

  3. What a great "accident"!

  4. I love the crowns, you both are amazing!
    I cherish my spoon "L'Artista". Ciao Rita mammabellarte