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Friday, March 25, 2011

In Its Place...

This creation was made for me by James several years ago. He cut out the shape of a Grey Whale and attached it to an old bee box lid I had. I have loved the whales my entire life. I have taken vacations around getting to see them, been in the ocean with them, and now have a home a little bit closer to them. When James gave me this I said someday we will have a house by the ocean and that is where this will hang. I kept it in the closet for many years. It now hangs on the entry wall of our house on the Oregon coast. We have no furniture yet and the house looks like a construction zone but my whale art is a symbol of how dreams come true. We just have to live as though they have already happened, I believe they call that active faith.

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  1. Yeah for the OR house and it's wonderful future. Lucky house that you two found it. I am still trying to recover, so I haven't been doing much at all lately. I'm really thinking next week will be THE WEEK with the improved weather forecast.