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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Things We See On The Road...

When we travel around in our motor home we are not strangers to being pointed at, smiled (not laughed) at and even photographed, it seems our flamingoes on the roof top which are housed in a crab pot receive a lot of attention. They are there for good reason but that is another story. Recently on a road trip up north we noticed in our rear view something coming along side us that was worthy of a photograph, yes it seems we have some competition in the decorated motor home department! As this baby rolled up along side there was a lot to see & read... the driver was a young man, glasses, short hair, kind of a studious look about him and the visible passenger a female of similar style. As always in life you may not know the story behind all that you witness and judgement is never of any value. We decided they were simply out sharing their thoughts while enjoying the ride. As for now we are happy with our little pink flock on top... I really couldn't handle any more attention :) Here's to enjoying the ride whoever you are!

This is our motor home with our conservative little flock... Ha!

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  1. Burning man here we come!!! There were a lot of fabulously decorated motor homes on hwy 80 recently. All on there way to the Nevada Desert, Free love baby! Your home looks like it is need of some spray paint! Tee hee