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Sunday, November 7, 2010

stop... it's raining

for some reason the arrival of today's rain storm has made me stop. i wanted to think about why this storm has been so welcomed by me, almost a feeling of anticipation a desire for the current energy in my life to be cleansed. just symbolic of course, but sometimes that is all we need, sort of like a placebo for our lives. recently in the middle of another whirlwind day i felt the need to recap the past year and all that we had done through out it. our lives are full, exciting and very blessed. today... i can't help but think about balance, the balance between ambition and meaning. so often in all the "to do" in life we lose site of the meaning, what really matters, those things that make our hearts sing. as the rain falls and cleanses i will reflect on what makes my heart sing and i will find that balance. i know the sun is shining, just not here today ~ Jacque


  1. "Balance", that has been a tough one for me this past year. I've worked so hard, while trying to balance time to spend with my grandbabies, get the paperwork done at home, cleaning, etc and sadly I've put myself last on the list! Think I need to make some good New Year's Resolutions for the next year. Enjoy the rain and relax!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Oh Yes -- Balance - a constant challenge. I'm enjoying the rain. We had 6.5 inches the last rain and about 2.25 today. Off to a nice rainy start.