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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meeting Rachel Ashwell

Last week I attended a Rachel Ashwell book signing, she has been traveling around the country representing her latest book and doing book signings in wonderful shops. Her latest book in my opinion is by far her best. It is full of heart and soul and her usual design ideas. She is a soft spoken, inspirational women, it was a pleasure meeting her and I was very impressed with how she gave each visitor her undivided attention. There was close to 200 people and she gave each as much time as they wanted to chat and have all their books signed. I have never been one to adhere to any one style but I love the influence Rachel has had on home decor , the soft colors and "not so perfect" look of her trademark style Shabby Chic.   


  1. Rachel was at my store this past Sunday. She's always shopped in the store for years. But I have to tell you, she made this past Sunday MAGICAL for everyone. Just like you said, she spent so much time with everyone. Then after we closed, she shopped then spent time just chatting. The strength she demonstrated as she told her story, really touched me. Again, it was a day I'll remember for a very long time!

  2. How fun to meet the person who named a whole decorating style! Thanks for joining us for Vintage Christmas Monday. I have added you to the list and from looking around your blog I see you have a lot to share. Looking forward to your first post. I will come back to visit. xo Joan

  3. I am glad we connected enjoyed your great blog posts & pics... I drove three hours in October to Rachels book signing in Vero beach. Loved her so down to earth & yes she did give every one her undived attention...wish I lived closer... xoxo Laura