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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What can they tell us?

Welcome to October! I love the changing of the seasons and all the freshness that comes with them. I become inspired, energized, and aware. I reposted the picture above of the Screech Owl from my yard. They nested here last Spring, they are back! This morning I can hear them outside my window calling from the big cottonwood tree. It got me thinking about all the activity I witnessed in my back yard the past few days. Birds of many kinds everywhere, many more then my yard normally attracts and squirrels everywhere, very busy tearing up all my flower beds and the lawn to hide their acorns and other finds. At night there is something coming around that digs everywhere looking for worms perhaps. I like to read about how the Native Americans watch the animals to learn all they need to know about their environment and what was to come. They were able to tell many things about their world by watching nature. I believe we could still benefit from this knowledge, or at least be intrigued by it. My mother lives a little further up north from us and she recently asked me to research why the geese were already flying south, much earlier then they have observed living their over the past 40 years. She said they are flying very high and in very large groups. I will spend some time today trying to discover what that may tell us. I love this world and respecting a caring about it is a priority in my life, I suggest we all take the time to notice it and be aware of what a gift it is! Happy Autumn~Jacque 

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