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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Dogs & Guitars

Our friend Antsy McClain wrote and recorded a song called Old Dogs & Guitars. As fans we had the opportunity to adopt one of Antsys' songs, a once in a life time opportunity to share in this man's talent. We chose this song not only because of how we in our life style relate so much to its' story and not only because of how it makes us feel, but because of how it makes everyone feel. This is an all around feel good song, though it could bring a tear to your eye, not only because it may remind you of a past canine friend but also of a time when people had their priorities in order, like the Good Ol' Days, But that's another song.... Anyway what I wanted to share was the very special gift Antsy gave us as part of adopting this song. When the song was released on his latest CD "The Beige Album" he included a very special dedication to each adoptee. Ours reads: This is dedicated to my friends James and Jacque Ferreira, whose ever-present, front row smiles have been remarkable to me over the last few years. This song (and in particular, my own dog Charlie's presence in it), is done in memory of Jacque's beloved Molly, who has gone ahead to pick out a nice soft grassy spot for a big family picnic somewhere in the distant future. Now don't you love the song even more? This man writes music from the soul, for the soul, from his funny lyrics to his heart felt story telling, if you haven't already checked out Antsys' music give yourself a gift today and drop by his web site at www.unhitched.com. His band the Trailer Park Troubadours will get your toes tappin!

the picture is of some of my old dogs, I have almost 200 old dog antiques

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  1. From one of your past blogs and looked up this song on the internet and listened to it and really liked it. How nice it now has a dedication to you two and Molly. I wished I'd known her.