Welcome to Old Soul Studios, We love vintage and aged items that portray a silent story about them. We create new items from salvaged items and create new stories, kind of like the makings of "An Old Soul". We love the art of making something out of nothing, making something old into something new!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Each Day

This little nest sits in an old dough bowl in the center of my table. I make and place little things around my home to remind me of how I want to focus on each day. There are chalk boards with quotes and sayings, flash cards with words of direction and areas displaying items that at a glance remind me of what I find to be important. My home would never be the type to show up in a designer magazine, but from the front door to the back door it holds my text book pages for a good life. I like to honor the things that inspire me and create a visual journal of my life within the little walls that I call home.~Jacque 

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