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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seagulls over Walmart

These seagulls are flying over the top of a local Walmart. We live an hour and a half away from the nearest beach, I feel like a seagull over Walmart. So far from home.... what am I doing here? Why is it taking so long to get where I know I belong? Since I was 8 years old I knew I would live by the sea, life and the choices I made kept me away, each time it looked like I was headed "home" there was always something to keep me away. Now I have a partner in my life that wants the same thing, we have the careers that can move successfully, we know what we want, we are ready to move and start a new adventure, every thing seems to be just right for me to finally get to live by the sea. We can't find what we want, I look and look and my house and property are no where to be found, it just hasn't showed up! Do I change what I want? or do I continue to wait? and wait and wait.... I feel like a seagull over Walmart to far from the sea.~Jacque


  1. Oh Jacque, I can so relate to knowing what I have wanted my whole life in so many ways & how diverted I have gotten off my path.
    To have a wonderful partner that wants the same thing is priceless!
    You will get there. The right place isn't available yet. That place that is meant just especially for you. I have had that proven to me over & over again. That doesn't make it any easier.
    But just imagine if a week or a month or a year before you met James, that you decided to settle. If you would have said to yourself that maybe your expectations were a little too high & you needed to change those things that you wanted, you would not be where you are now.
    Hold out. Hold on. You are on the right path. I promise you will find it!!!
    And you will understand then...

  2. Never give up. You will get what you want. It just means being patient a little longer(-: Until then you have a great place to live with beautiful things to surround you and a great guy who loves you(-:

  3. Jacque dear - my heart goes out to you. I have been where you are at times in my life. I believe that the hope is in you and James. All things are possible and often appear when we least expect. Lani