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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hair cut!

It can be very difficult to take your own picture and even more difficult to like it! I have never had my hair this short in my entire life. In honor of my long time dear friend Joan who kindly keeps trying to keep me young I thought I would publicly thank her and show you all my new hair cut. Joan and and I have known each other since we were teenagers (long time ago). We have been through many adventures together in our lives, always somehow being there for each other, the amazing part is we are very different people. Joan is very social, very well dressed, very business like, very particular, and well then there is me... needless to say if it wasn't for Joan who knows what my hair might look like! She comes two hours from out of town to do my hair, what would normally take 2 hours in a salon takes us 4-6 sometimes because of all the laughing (not at my hair) but you know all the catching up on funny life goings on. Thank you Joan for my new hair. I really like it, it is much easier to take care of, I can get out the door to my garden , the beach, and else wheres much faster, and besides just in case it still fits nicely under a hat!~Jacque 


  1. Looks like she did a great job!

  2. Looks great Jacque. I had mine cut short like that about a year ago. I'm lucky I never have to mess with dying my hair either, its still blonde. But I've made my kids promise me when it turns old lady white to tell me. I'm not a fancy dresser, I live for summer so my "attire" is shorts,flip-flops, and tropical print tops! Guess its that beach thing, you know? Thanks for the Mr.Horrible comment on my blog, I enjoyed reading it. You take care, Sue

  3. You know Jacque, I was about to comment on this post when I saw your post on Mollie that I hadn't seen yet.
    I have no idea now what I was going to write.
    Maybe I will come back to this post...
    But thank you deeply for the post & the video about Mollie...I wish I had a video of Ali...and yet I live vicariously thru your video of Mollie...
    Oh & I do love your new hairstyle. I do remember when I had a friend that encouraged me to change mine many years ago.

  4. Cute hair do(-: I had my hair shorter too but am again growing it out. I have to wear mine in a ponytail at work so it was hard when it was shorter to do that. (-: I am not a snazzy dresser either. Just down to earth casual most of the time(-: