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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I see the light!

The one at the end of this tunnel that is! We have finally reached a point where I can feel like this is actually going to happen. We have the house up for sale! James and I have been working for a long time to get the Lincoln house up for sale, and this past week we reached a point where we realized it was ready. New carpet, new paint, spotless, every little thing repaired and the yard looking better then mine!, wait a minute the entire house looks better then mine! Why when you go to sell a house it looks better then it did when you lived in it? We have never done this before, but I did whine to a few people who have and they told me that is what you do, you get it all perfect for someone else, almost want to buy it myself, oh, that wouldn't work....  So here we are gazing at the light at the end of that tunnel, yes it is not the only tunnel, there are lots of these tunnels and they actually lead to all kinds of wonderful things!  I am learning to live in the "Now" and still move forward toward those lights, sounds kind of spiritual, huh you think maybe it could be? There have been many days over the past few months when I would have given anything for this house to be done, sold, and to be trudging down a different tunnel, but we weren't ready yet.  I didn't know at the time that certain things would need to occur over those months in order for the other tunnels to open up and better yet for us to be ready to venture through them. All is in perfect order!
p.s. want to buy a house?

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  1. I'm SO excited for you!
    And I LOVE meeting everyone in your world thru your new pictures!!!