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Sunday, February 15, 2009


The past few weeks I have been feeling like I have been influenced by things around me to the point that I have found myself losing a bit of my authenticity. I looked at some of my work and did not recognize who's it was. My blogs have taken on a character that really is not truly me.  How does that happen? I don't copy other people, that has always been something I'm am sensitive to, mostly because it has happened to me so often, I haven't intentionally changed what I produce to match or be like anyone, this unrecognizable me has just sort of showed up, and I think she is boring as heck! I love the feeling of inspiration I get from many sources, including all the wonderful blogs I have discovered. Today is a very stormy wet and windy day here which has allowed us to somewhat take the day off from what has been our excessive busy schedule lately, and this feeling I have been having motivated me to look back at some of my older post, and some of my previous creations, yes, I have certainly strayed from my authentic self, the one I am happy and comfortable with. I believe I started putting expectations on myself when I realized others were looking, they were really paying attention to what I had to share. That ego that I thought I had recognized and put in its proper place had some how tricked me into trying to be what I thought everyone was looking for.  I am hoping with this awareness I can gracefully return to my authentic self and be comfortable with that being enough. By the way my authentic self is very wordy! Thanks for coming by, I really enjoy sharing on this blog.  


  1. Wow Jacque~This is an incredible post! I think authenticity is always a work in progress. Trying on new things. Seeing what fits & what doesn't. I can relate to the part of wondering if I need to change when people started reading. Especially w/ going thru what I am going thru in losing Ali. I find myself wanting to be better so that I am more palatable. Then when I am better wondering if someone will think I got there too quickly. You helped me alot when we talked & you shared your story w/ Mollie. I finally released myself to cry & feel & lay in her bed. AND to write about it. To just tell the truth of this loss of her & of my best friends. I look forward to getting to know you more thru your evolution here....
    Thank you~Cyndee

  2. Hi Jacque! Thanks for stopping by...I'll put your name in the hat! Your dogs are soooo cute! I grew up in Santa Barbara but moved to Texas my Jr. year in high school. I have many memories of the beach and probably somewhere in a box I have stones and shells too. I'm going to check out your other blog...have a great week!

  3. Hey Jacque,
    That is Patti above, funny, she reads my blog, I read her blog, but I didn't know "we" read your blog! I loved your post and there's nothing wrong with being whomever you feel you want to be! I really like all the "love" on the side bar. And your life seems to be so full yet so peaceful and simple. Does that make sense. I long for that. I work all the time and am going in a thousand directions at once until it comes time to write. Maybe that is what this blog thing is all about. Helping us realize not just "what" we really want out of life, but the fact that we are free to be whomever we want to be, you know? Thanks for the great post! Take care, Sue

  4. I agree with the girls, we all have our own personal style, yet sometimes we get writers block and feel we aren't doing the best we can...that's when i start another project or write poetry. I have 3 lampshades started in various stages of completion, a couple of pieces of furniture to finish, earrings half-finished...so I think I'll make 'crack-head' baby night-lights...to me it's all about the fun and talking to my bloggy friends about stuff.

    I think we just need a lil' SPRING in our lives, just to renew faith. It's been a tough, scarey year for all of us...but keeping your ego on the right track will guide you for sure. You are lucky to be doing what you love...me too...and besides...you live by the beach...what else is there!(love the hearts) (and the trailer)


  5. Morning!
    I found you through Theresa's blog and thought I'd come take a look. I have to say what drew me in was your love of animals - so many, that's fantastic. I love animal people. Here's to finding your authentic self, I think there is just so information out there that sometimes we get overwhelmed with all that's out there. I see something about the ocean below, so off to take a look. Happy day, ~Tracie