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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glass Floats

These are glass floats found on the beaches of California.  We were walking along Dillon beach after a storm, we had picked up several large wood and foam floats for our collection when I said to James, "I sure would like to find a glass float today" two steps later it was right in front of me on top a pile of seaweed!  It was like I made a wish and it was granted right there at my feet.  That is my favorite float in my collection.  We are hitting the beach again this weekend but so far we haven't had any of the strong winter storms that send up all the treasures, as soon as we do we will be there. I am not sure what it is but there is this mysterious nature to these treasures, stories I will never know.  I suppose it is the same thing that attracts me to things with a history, I know they have had wonderful adventures along the way. 


  1. What a great find! ~Lori

  2. By the way...the word verification that came up for me was coanest...a combination of coast and nest! ~Lori

  3. Hi Jacque, I wish I was at YOUR beaches. I can't believe all the awesome stuff you are finding. I love the beach, but as you know, down here in SoCal, the beaches aren't as nice. Uncle Tom's has changed owners, at least four times. The original owners were Denise and Tom who moved away several years ago and sold the business. I'm looking at your greenhouse right now made from old windows. We had a really cool one in our garden at the store made out of recycled windows and architectural stuff but the City made us take it down along with a couple of other little displays. They felt windows were salvage and NOT garden related in that we could only have a "green" garden. And "going green" isn't about using recycled stuff?? Anyway, it was nice hearing from you and again, I love all the beach stuff! Take care, Sue

  4. Just read your comment on Dawn's blog about not wanting to use some nests ... which ones are those?

  5. I just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It meant so much to me....
    Sometimes I get so in the dumps up here because we hardly have visitors. At least I know someone out there is thinking of us.

  6. Hey darlin!

    Love those glass balls! Guess I should start making some "wishes"? :)

    Hope all is going well....xo...deb

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It is always nice to find a kindred spirit who loves to comb the beaches! I enjoyed looking at your collections. I collect sea glass and other beach ephemera which you can find pictures of in some of my posts. We go sea glass hunting every weekend and always come home with something interesting. Today was a productive day, especially for heart stones, but more important than anything, we rescued a sea gull! We found him floating in and out of the surf, but he couldn't fly. I thought he was going to drown before we could get hold of him, but my husband was able to pick him up with a beach towel. My daughter and my husband rushed him out to our car, and found a vet who was able to check him out. Great news is that he is will be able to be rehabilitated. Sadly, he was a baby and was suffering from severe malnutrition. Some sea creature had bitten off one of his feet and so that is why he couldn't get out of the water. The vet said that once they get him healthy again, they will be able to release him and that he will do fine without his foot. I was so thrilled to hear that he would have a happy ending!

    Happy beach hunting!


  8. Oh my I can't imagine a life without TV but you have alot of interests. In the summer here we actually watch very little TV. It's the long shut in winter that consumes the hours... Love the beach finds....