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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyone is sooo Busy!

Every where I go and everyone I encounter seem to be echoing the same words "Busy,Busy,Busy". Me too, I just have seemed so busy,  I watch the squirrels out in my back yard and see myself behaving very similar to them, running about preparing for what is to come!  Being prepared and ready can be smart, but what about right now?  What am I doing right now to make this very moment what I want it to be?  I decided to take my busy and tweak it a little, still do all the things I seem to think are necessary and so important but also getting busy doing all the things I love.  I am going to start by doing things to my home to make it a relaxing retreat, and I am going to cook a great pot of soup to share with my honey and I am going to play music and light candles and wear beautiful clothes and plant bulbs and dream about spring flowers and plan my Christmas list and love my cats and write a letter to my mom and enjoy all the abundance in my life rather then stress about what to do with it! Now I am starting to feel a lot better about the word "Busy"  Next person that mentions how busy they are I am going to say good for you how exciting! Enjoy what you do and only do what you enjoy.....I have got to go I have so much to do!


  1. Hey sweetie!

    I need your mailing address so that I can send you your goodies from my store for helping me to name by "pink bike caddie"! :)


  2. Hi Jacque,
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, I appreciate it. When I first clicked on your comment, it didn't take me anywhere. When I clicked it tonight, it took me to your blogs. I REALLY enjoyed reading them!! I'll be checking back often! Take care, Sue

  3. You are always so wonderful at reminding us to slow down. I love your blog and will hate not seeing you at the gathering on Saturdays. S.

  4. Hi Jacque,
    I'm SO sorry you didn't get a chance to stop by the store on your visit. The fires were so sudden and heartbreaking for so many people. Traffic here is crazy as is, but when they start shutting down freeways because the fire was "jumping" them, wow! I'll keep checking back on your blog, waiting for another awesome post! Take care, Sue