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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Displays of tossed and found!

     For 18+ years I owned and operated my retail stores and that always meant thinking about Christmas as early as June,  Now retired ( HA HA ) for the past two years I get to slowly start planning my holidays in October,  I have been digging through boxes that have accumulated in storage as treasures were found throughout the year, I am always thinking... and you get it when you can, especially vintage items because they always go up in price and down in availability nearer to the holiday.  Skates, skis, snow shovels and warm wooly things, like a beige pair of warm wooly long johns, perfect to hang by the fire or in the bath.  I like to accumulate things that reflect on the winter season as well as the holidays, that way many of the decorations can stay in place until the signs of spring.  Snow is rare in most places here on the west coast but there is an abundance of sleds!  Did they all think it was going to snow and then it didn't?  I have no problem collecting sleds at estate and garage sales all year long, they are a great winter decoration no matter what your look is and especially cute with a pair of worn skates hanging on them. As I find more treasures for the season I will post pictures, many of the items will be available for purchase at my Etsy store oldsoulstudios. 

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