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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back from Roses & Rust

We just recently returned from doing the Roses & Rust show at the Redding Civic Auditorium. The show was well attended and the vendors did a great job of displaying and providing customers with a variety of vintage, antique and created items. We had a lot of fun... as the crowd enter the building our space was their first stop!
Spring Garden was our theme and the weather was perfect for getting customers in the mood! We brought a selection of our iron garden art creations along with primitive and vintage garden finds. This show we debuted three new items to our list of creations. Sheet metal letters and numbers in three sizes were a big hit and our new iron bird nest on stakes welcomed spring.
We not only appreciate all the hard work done by the ladies that put on this very successful show but we were also honored to be chosen as best booth. A Big Thank you to Bonnie, Zizi, Lynni, and Kimberly... look at these beautiful and talented women!
I will just show you some pictures I captured of our space, photography is not my best game and I just have a little camera but I think you will get the idea...
A new way to display our iron flowers, we found a few of these old wood wire spools, painted them up and put them to work!
Old Spring beds were used through out the display... get it Spring Garden!
Vintage garden finds and Grandma's violets from our garden.
Our metal potting tables are great for small areas. That vintage bird mansion went to a happy customer.
We added several plants to the display, lavender was our favorite choice.
A glass conservatory and chippy park bench made a nice combo.
The center of it all, I enjoyed working with the big primitive white patio table.
The old tire planter was purchased for a wedding... that thing has had many lives but I think a wedding will be it's most glamourous yet!
Another shot from across the booth.
We had a very successful day and want to thank all the customers and friends that came out to see us. We really love what we do and are grateful everyday to be able to continue this dream and we know it is because of the support from all of you that we get to. We have more Spring shows ahead, our next is Mes Amis which is April 21st. You can go here to learn more or visit our Face Book page for updates. Thanks for dropping by ~ Jacque

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  1. Those are some very cool items. The thing that really grabs my interest is the story behind each item.