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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love is in the Air...

and all over the front porch, the back yard, the dining table, down the hall, the kitchen counter... ok you get it! January around here is all about getting hearts and all our love related creations out to our customers. Valentine's Day is just around the bend...
Our new 24" sheet metal letters make it clear... there is "LOVE" in the house! We always use reclaimed metal from old barns and buildings so the patina is just right.
This pile of our "famous" barrel ring hearts is one of my favorite pictures. One is great, but a pile, that's lots of love!
For those more adventurous romantics we added an arrow. Cupids heart coming right at you! The hearts are zinc colored and the arrow is made from rusty iron... we like the contrast in colors.
With a large set of sheet metal letters we are reminded of that little arrow toting culprit... a little quirky and fun because love makes you think a little out of the box!
Rustic little sheet metal signs with endearing sentiments wishing you all love in your hearts, your homes and your lives... now go out there and get all sappy! Thanks for coming along ~ Jacque

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