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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank You!

We want to thank Roses and Rust for the opportunity to participate in such a well ran show. We had a wonderful weekend meeting all the staff, vendors and A LOT of wonderful customers... where did they all come from? This was our first time to be up north so it was a new area for us and people were so kind with their compliments and enthusiasm toward our presentation.
We had three spaces so we were able to display several different looks. I love the primitive farm house style and enjoyed working with the chalkboard top table. Iron stone softens all the hardness of raw wood and primitive finishes. We added touches of fresh lavender from the garden.
We put up our tent to house all the Gothic Halloween items we had collected all year long. I enjoy working with just black and white and took the opportunity to be a little humorous. The Halloween area was a great hit!
It was fun to ask customers what their plans were for certain items they were purchasing...  our customers can be very creative! This next picture was taken during set up so things are oddly out of place but you get the general idea...

French laundry is my other favorite look to collect things for. It is a warm and inviting look and very popular with out customers as well. We found that the big rusty spring bed makes a good back drop.
A lot of fun vintage items fit well into this style. It is a look I like in my own home so it can be difficult to part with some items.
We didn't take many pictures of our space or any of the rest of the show, I was disappointed about that, but we really had no time, it was soooo busy and I certainly can't be disappointed about that! Thank you again to everyone involved and we hope all of you will come out next spring and join us at this great show again ~ Jacque & James

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  1. Jacque - It was an honor to be a "close" neighbor at the show. It was so busy that there was not a lot of time to visit around. To those that are interested, it is a great show to visit and find many outstanding items.