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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Recently on one of my many walks on a beach, I stopped to notice some beautiful homes placed right along the shore line. Thinking what a wonderful view they have of the beautiful pacific it crossed my my mine how this beach I am on is like their front yard and how grateful I was that our beaches are for all of us. It would be sad to me if only a few of us were allowed the pleasure of walking our beaches and enjoying our oceans. I have always taken this freedom for granite, never really giving it a second thought. I am aware that there are some places where "private" beaches exist because the access is limited by the land owners, but overall we have access to most of the coast line across the country. Next time you are enjoying the freedom and beauty of one of our many beaches bend down and pick up some trash, be kind and gentle to the sea life and respect the freedom that we all get to experience our beaches. I love leaving my footprints behind and that being the only evidence that I have been there. ~ Jacque

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