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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am going to start journaling all the different birds I spot in the garden. Our garden has a lot more birds and many different kinds then I have ever spotted before. We have a bird identifying book and a pair of binoculars sitting by the back porch, you have to be fast to catch a sighting of some of the more rare birds. We attempt to get pictures, but our cameras don't have the necessary lenses to get up close shots. The birds in the picture above are one of the items we make. I think putting them in the garden has inspired the other birds to come around!

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  1. I love inviting birds into my garden. That's why I created a bird bath from some old junk out of my garage and placed it right in the middle of my vegetable garden. My boyfriend then comments how silly it is to be providing tomatoes to my winged friends. I reply with, "there's plenty for everyone."
    I placed a glass ball in the center of the water dish and the birds love to push it around with their beaks.