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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Growing Pains

Lately I have been experiencing what I will call growing pains, not the kind you may have experienced during childhood when your body was growing so quickly it hurt, but the kind that move you to a new place in your life. I hesitate to use the word "pain" because it can be thought of as negative, though not comfortable, these pains I am experiencing are by no means negative. My life is nothing short of amazing as I write this, I am healthy, have everything I need, have an abundance of love in my life and see each day with inspiration and opportunity. I am very happy. The things I have viewed and the encounters I have had recently have shown me such a big contrast in the world, there are amazing, beautiful, caring, compassionate, soulful people in this world that I encounter everyday and then there is the opposite. I have come to believe that we attract things into our lives, good and not so good. I would be sadden to believe I am attracting these not so wonderful things into my life for anything other then to grow from them, to teach me something I must need to learn, to come out of the experience a little closer to living on purpose. Though painful at times I am thankful for these things that are helping me grow, I believe with all my heart that everything here on God's world is in perfect order, I may not always understand it, but I have faith that it is...

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  1. Well I hope nothing pains you to much and that your learning experience is not to hard!