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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free Instruction Manual

NATURE... the gift of nature that surrounds us is a free instruction manual. We can learn so much about how to live life by observing all of nature around us. Not only do I spend time in places where nature is abundant I also try to attract it into my life. Our garden is a flurry of activity year round. We provide food for the birds, the squirrels and I am sure a few night active creatures. There is always something blooming to attract the bees and butterflies as well as other creatures. Growing the garden as organic as possible allows for an abundance of good bugs and safe food and haven for many forms of nature. I would far rather watch the comedy of the squirrels playing then a television sitcom. I can't tell you the exact lesson you could learn from this free instruction manual, I am sure it is different for each of us, but if you ever find yourself looking for answers, or just inner peace, don't overlook the power of  NATURE...


  1. Beautifully said and so true! Fabulous photos here!

  2. So true(-: SO much to learn from Nature(-: