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Monday, December 14, 2009


On a recent trip through a very nice part of California where on every block there are specialty shops all brimming with the latest trends we spotted this small "quick type" food market. My first thought when I read the sign was just because a word is popular doesn't mean it is appropriate. Vintage food? the thought of it not to appealing! The building wasn't even old! What were they thinking? I'm just glad the "Twinkies" didn't have a "patina"! Hee Hee


  1. Twinkies are known to last a very long time, but that would be nasty, huh? Unless their last name was Vintage, doesnt make sense to me either. S.

  2. That is pretty funny when you stop to think about it. What a visual.
    Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon www.mermaidspurseseaglass.com

  3. Ha ha I wonder how old the food is that they sell ;-)
    Sending you happy Vintage Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany