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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Special Gift

Today is my birthday and I was given a very special gift. You see we are part of a group of people, people with big hearts, and great views on life. Antsy McClain is a musician that we follow and the friends we have made along the way have enriched our lives. One of these friends along with the help of my sweetie produced a video to my favorite song that was written by Antsy. My fur babies are very special to me and anyone that knows me knows that right away. My dear Dalmatian Mollie has passed on but she touched many lives while she was here and she still does. Thank you to our dear friend Troy for his kind heart and video album talent. I will cherish this gift. He posted it on YouTube so if you would like to see my gift go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0PDDOqmc7U ... It is very personal and I know there are things about it only I would get, but I hope you enjoy it too. ~Jacque


  1. What a wonderful birthday gift! As you know,I have this thing for our furry friends, so you gotta know this brought many tears rolling down my cheeks! Again, happy birthday girl!!

  2. Jacque the video was wonderful. I could see in the pics what you have talked about w/ Mollie being a soul mate. She looks like a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy belated Birthday Jacque! And what an incredible gift! It was so wonderful to see.
    Thank you for sharing this...

  4. Happy belated birthday to someone who is such a gift to the world. Jacque, your kind spirit and artistic soul really come through in your words. It is lovely to know you. I will definitely go check out the video. What a special gift from a friend!

    I am so, so sorry about Mollie. She was such a pretty pup. If there was one wish that I could be granted, it would be to have our furbabies live longer lives. But they are very, very special. That is why they can leave such a huge imprint on our hearts even when they are only with is for such a short time. Mollie will always be with you, and when the time comes(a very long time from now), she will be waiting for you with lots of doggie kisses.

    Big hugs,

  5. That was such a beautiful video. I loved it. And now I love Mollie, too.

  6. Dearest J & J -
    Happy Belated Birthday to you, my dear friend. And THANK YOU for sharing that wonderful, beautiful and very touching video of Old Dogs!! I was very touched and moved, from all the pictures, while on your travels, and can absolutely tell, that Mollie was "very much" apart of your animal family...and I know you miss her very, very much. Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts, so dear to your heart, about her, the video....Good Job, James!! What a wonderful birthday gift. And now I must go get some Kleenex to wipe the tears off my cheeks. Good Golly, Miss Mollie!!
    Again, Happy Belated Birthday, JQ!
    Big Bear Hugs,
    Your Buddies in YC,
    Curtis & Michael