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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was thinking today about some things in my life that haven't been getting all the attention they require and deserve. Then I saw him, the neighbors pet rabbit likes to come into my back yard and hang out in the shady cool spot right under the bird feeder and eat the seed that has been dropped. I watched him and thought about his life in comparison to mine. Other then basic needs of food and water his life is without maintenance. My life is all about maintenance! Everything I have needs maintenance, my home, my body, my cars, my pets, my many things,my many relationships, my business and so on and on and on.....
The more we choose to have in our lives, the more maintenance there is required. So my big question for myself is, how do I feel about all this maintenance and can the amount that I believe is required be changed while still enjoying the things I choose to have in my life?
This can not be addressed in one day so as I work through these thoughts, discuss it with my very wise older sisters, and share my feelings with James I will be back to share what I have discovered about my current "High Maintenance Life". I would be very interested in how some of you do it all, how you find the time and energy to maintain all the aspects of your lives..... please do share~Jacque


  1. I agree to the high maintenance. Geez how can we do without all our things getting taken care of? If you have a solution let me know!
    I work on things each day but nothing really gets done 100%. I always have to finish up on projects later or stuff like laundry/ironing etc. I would have to stay up 24/7 to get everything done in one day!

  2. I seem to constantly be working on this question and I make strides to simplify and then in that newly unoccupied role, space, etc., I seem to stick something new. I really like having choices, being active and I thrive on inspiration, so these things are sort of constants and are often what get me into trouble. Recently I have found myself in a phase of change. Just knowing I want to do some things differently but not yet clear what that means. These phases just come on sometimes and I have to sort of wait and let it unfold. It feels awkward at the time because it is something new and I don't know yet where this will take me. So I am trying to be open and practice being a little more still than I usually am and not develop my 'to do' list just because I can. Hope this makes some sense.

  3. For me, I'm a wired personality, always running on the hamster wheel. A big part of me enjoys that, I'm just as I said "wired" that way. Unless I'm forced to do "nothing", I'm always running. The only time I step off the "wheel" is to grab a cold Corona, my ipod and sit by my pool with my dog Sally and watch the sunset and the stars come out. So, with all that said, I think if we all just carve out a bit of "my" time every now and then, we'll be okay in the end. . did that make sense?? Sue

  4. Jacque,
    I have been doing some cutting out of less important things. I got off the two social network sites I was on. There is such a thing as TMI! It was getting to me! So, those people can read my blog, or email to keep in touch. And the close friends and family have your phone number! I have yours, and am gonna go call you. love, Jen