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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Concrete Garden Art

I found this concrete statue recently and was aware that part of her was missing, specifically the feet or what would be the bottom, I was pretty sure she was intended to be standing on her head. I like that her feet/bottom are missing it makes the statue more interesting to me. Why would something broken be more appealing? I sold a rabbit missing an ear, a goose with a broken nose and an angel who was cracked up pretty bad! I am not the only one who finds broken appealing, granted they were also old and very charming. I saw a copy of my statue on a blog the other day, it still had its bottom and was standing on its feet. I can not stand mine on its feet and I am glad because she is much more interesting standing on her head!~Jacque


  1. You can call her Head Stand Ann.
    Fits her pretty well.
    To funny! No legs makes her more unique!

  2. Inperfection (if I spelled that right) is unique and appealing. Love the statue!