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Monday, May 25, 2009


While visiting one of our favorite nurseries today I spotted this little guy perched up high on an old rusty pole. The pole looks as though it was intended for just that purpose! He sat up there singing his heart out. I was waiting so decided it was a perfect time to pull out the camera and see if I could catch this guy on his perch. It was about 20 feet up, and up into the sun. He waited and stayed in place just long enough for me to get this picture. For some he may just be a common bird doing what birds do, for me it was a gift, one that once again taught me to live in the moment and enjoy the little things that life and nature have to offer. Come to think of it I wasn't waiting at all, I was living! May you all notice many singing birds throughout the day.~Jacque


  1. I love this, Jacque! Like you, the details of nature make me stop and take notice. And you are so right, you weren't waiting, you were living! You were appreciating the beautiful, small things in life that make it worth living! I, for one, and very glad that you did and that you decided to write about it.


  2. It's awesome to stop and notice the simple things, the small things, nature. I always have my camera with me. Because I made a promise to myself to post daily on my blog, I knew I would look at life more closely to "listen" to the stories it has to tell. By carrying my camera with me, it helps me "look" for the simple beauty in life and capture it. Thanks for sharing.