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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A lotsa going ons...

There is a lot going on around my back yard. The birds have been very busy teaching their babies to fly. Several birds have had their nest mature at the same time so I have been seeing a lot of activity. There are several baby squirrels running around, they have matured to the point that they are pretty confident and have left the trees. They learn fast, there were two of them hanging from a bird feeder! The praying mantis have hatched! We wait every year for the mass hatching... they are every where.... today I had several climbing on my arms. They are so tiny, I have to be careful not to harm them by accident. My garden has a lot of good bugs, lace wings and lady beetles included. Butterflies are fluttering through on a regular basis, I spotted five different types today, I feel special when they choose my yard to visit. That is just a few of the many critters playing in my yard, I feel honored to have them and love that they trust me enough to share my space. What do you have living in your garden?


  1. Haven't done much to my garden lately other than water since I want to move soon. I am itching to be planting in the ground.
    I love that the squirrels were hanging from the bird feeder. And having praying mantis hatching. Awesome!!!

  2. Sounds like paradise(-: I love butterflies. We have so many wild animals here too. Its so fun to watch all of them. I can't imagine living anywhere else! I have a Momma squirrel that is nursing. She comes to the feeder everyday so hopefully soon she will bring her children for food too! What an honor to be able to visit with all of natures critters(-: We are so lucky!