Welcome to Old Soul Studios, We love vintage and aged items that portray a silent story about them. We create new items from salvaged items and create new stories, kind of like the makings of "An Old Soul". We love the art of making something out of nothing, making something old into something new!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday James worked in the shop all day making product, he brought me this! I love it! We had talked about making a sun the other day so he put together this one and it is exactly what I was thinking. That is my front door, mustard yellow, I have a red house with white trim and I love my sunny door to greet me when I come home. Anyway back to my new sun, it is made of salvaged iron and on a stake so it can be put in the ground to brighten up the garden. He is going to expand on the idea and make some that can hang, I have a perfect tree to hang one from! Every time we make something new I get to keep the first one, not always the best one, but they are kind of like our babies. I know suns have been done over and over for millions of years  but this one is special. It was done by James and I know better then anyone what that means... Thanks James I love the way we have joined our creativity and I can't wait to see what is next!


  1. I will DEFINITELY get one of these when I get my new place....I LOVE it!
    I wish I had a James to make me things like that :) He's definitely a keeper! You two look great together!

  2. Gorgeous, Jacque! How special is it that you and James collaborate on these wonderful creative projects together!


  3. Hey Jacque,
    I love the sun, your blog, and the peaceful nature of it. Speaking of that, did you see the moon and Venus the past couple of nights. I dragged my pregnant daughter-in-law the other night to show it to her. The beaches here are not as nice as up north, but I love Seal Beach, slower place, less crowded. And for me to be around hangin by the beach and enjoying little random cats is the best, take care, Sue